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Serving Area Military

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Massillon, OH 44646
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Our Appreciation

There are many ways that you can help our Heroes. One of the most appreciated, and all to often not done, is a simple “Thank You”.

If you see a veteran out somewhere, don’t be afraid to shake their hand and simply say “Thank You”. It goes a long way.

You can often spot a veteran by their hat, license plate, t-shirt or coat.

It is rare that you do not a receive a smile, or sadly, tears in return.

A THANK YOU goes a long way!

Buy Them Lunch

If you can, and get the opportunity, buy a Veteran lunch or dinner.

Quietly ask the waiter or waitress for their check and request for them to simply tell the Hero that someone wanted to say THANK YOU!

It is a great joy to watch them look around and wonder who did it. In their mind, it could be, and probably is, anyone, and everyone, in the restaurant.


The SAM Center is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to serving our Heroes. We need your help. Our list of Veterans continues to grow and our need for volunteers does so as well. We need volunteers to…

• Staff the SAM Center
• Staff events
• Organize food drives
• Assist with transporting donations
• Much more

If you would like to help, please visit our Volunteer Page


The SAM Center is completely funded by donations and grants. To keep doing what we do, we need your help.
If you can, please consider donating to the SAM Center or asking your employer to be a sponsor of the SAM Center.

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Serving Area Military 
SAM Center

413 Lincoln Way East
.Massillon, OH 44646

Phone: (330) 956-6162  
Fax: (330) 833-7509  

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